Minimize your travelling and

maximize time utilization


Why spend a lot of time travelling when
you can do your inspections from your office. 



Minimize travel costs and optimize valuable office time


Finally a solution to complete FAT’s and QC inspection from home office

Easyinspect is a mobile inspection system independent from other systems

With Easyinspect, the QC inspection or Factory Acceptance Test can be executed from home office together with the supplier on site. The only demand is that the system module is connected locally to an acceptable internet line and powered with 230VAC together with the cameras. All cameras can be controlled by an application from home office for individual adjustments with zoom, pan and tilt. The system also allows smartphones / Iphones as handhold camera. All types of FAT’s and QC inspection can be executed online remote.


How does the system work?

The module stores pictures and videos in a local computer and transfer the selected pictures and videos to an external server. When the local module is started, it will be connected to the external server and admits the operator to use all the pictures and videos stored in the server via his home computer



The monitoring system of Easy Inspect AS comes highly recommended by Hydra-Grene A/S.

Hydra-Grene AS

Hans Thomsen, Sales Manager - Offshore

Vi har ellers og fått presentert FAT fra Hydra Greene i Danmark på deres system og har i den
forbindelse spart 2 turer til Danmark bare i November.

Vi kommer til å benytte deres system på FAT for et Gangveg prosjekt i romjulen, vi unngår da reise
utgifter både internt og også vår kunde slipper turen til Estland på et meget ugunstig tidspunkt.

Bestra AS

Kjell Nodeland, COO

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